Smith Miller toys, Smith Miller Fred Thopmson display truck to collect. The metal toy museum is buying smith miller toys and trucks and paying the highest prices!

Hubley Mfg Co.

Hubley Limousine 634 310

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Hubley Automobile 611 608



No. 611. Hubley Automobile Length, 5 inches

No. 608. Hubley Automobile. Length, 5 inches

No. 608S. Hubley Automobile, Without Driver


Hubley Automobile 684No. 684. Hubley Automobile Length, 8 inches.



Hubley Auto 358 316No. 358. Hubley Automobile Length, 7 inches

No. 316. Hubley Auto. Length, 5 inches


Hubley Automobile 708 709No. 708. Hubley Automobile, Two Passengers and Driver


Length, 10 inches

No. 709. Hubley Automobile and Driver. Length, 10 inches


Hubley Automobile 736No. 736. Hubley Automobile


Length, 10 inches



Hubley Limousine 634 310



No. 634. Hubley Limousine


Length, 8 inches

No. 634A. Hubley Limousine, Aluminum Finish.

No. 310. Hubley Limousine. Length, 4 inches

Hubley Taxicab 353



No. 353. Hubley Taxicab Length, 5 inches