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Model Yachts

  Miniature Boat Sailing and Racing is sport which is rapidly coming into wide population. These little vessels, when skillfully handled, give the same thrills as the big boats. There are Model Yacht Clubs in most of the cities and may of the towns in the country, and under the auspices of the National Model Yacht Racing Association, inter-club racing is ever increasing.

Unlike most every other sport, Miniature Boats provide recreation all the year round. There is as much interest in building, rigging and painting your boat during the winter months as there is in actual sailing or racing during the warmer weather. Recognizing this feature, particular attention has been paid to “Boucher” Construction Sets. Whether you have a factory or only a screw driver, you can turn out a successful boat from one of these sets and then be able to say: “This is what I made”.

A properly designed hull and suit of well cut sails usually produces a fast sailing boat. This, however, is only true when the sails and spars have been properly located on the hull in exact relation to its form. Under different weather conditions, however, the relations between sails and hull, normally well balanced, change with different wind velocities and give the boat a tendency to run up into the wind or fall off her course. In large boats this is overcome by the Captain at the tiller; with Boucher Models whose captains are usually handling their boats from a distance, the change of balance is taken care of with the Patented Sale Shifting Device with which Boucher Models are equipped.

The Boucher Patented Sail Shifting Device allows the sailing master to use judgment and knowledge and win races by his superior skill. If the wind is light he moves the entire rig aft; if the wind is medium he moves the entire rig halfway forward of the slot; if the wind is heavy, all the way forward. On the wind, or close hauled sailing to windward, Boucher Models may be perfectly balanced with the Sail Shifting Device by shipping rig forward or aft as explained.



  For Boys from Eight to Eighty

Get Your Boy One for Yourself

Boucher Duckling“DUCKLING”


A “Young boat for a Young boy.” It sails as well as the larger boats, and will give as big a thrill. Not a solid block of wood. Composition Hull shaped in Steel Moulds, they are all exactly alike, which insures keen competition among the young yachtsmen.

Length overall 12”, Beam 4”, Draft 3 ½”, Weight 3/4 lbs.

Price complete, ready to sail, $2.50 F.O.B. New York

Boucher Lark“LARK”


This is the well known Cape Cod type hull, known for its seaworthiness and sailing qualities-rigged with lug mainsail; designed to sail on small ponds or larger bodies of water. Hull made from steel moulds; insuring uniformity for class racing. Equipped with Boucher patented Sail Shifting Device.

Length overall 13”,   Beam 6”, Draft 6”,

Weight 2 ½ lbs., Sail Area 100 Sq. in.

Price complete, ready to sail, $8.00 F.O.B. New York

Boucher Sharpie “SHARPIE”


Developed by the Early New England Settlers who improved on the Indian Dugout (made from a Chestnut log by burning out the inside and heeving the outside). The addition of a centerboard and planked sides provided a fast sailer and good sea boat of which this Sharpie Model is a true copy. The Model is built of thin, laminated, waterproof deck and bottom and thin white pine sides.

Length overall 21”, Beam 5”, Draft 4”Weight 2 lbs. Price complete, ready to sail, $6.00 F.O.B. New York



Especially designed for the young amateur boat builder. Includes every part needed to complete the boat. Deck, bottom board, side planks; all cut to shape, cast centerboard, spars cut to length; Sail cloth, rigging fittings and rudder neatly packed in box with blue print and directions. Price complete, $4.50 F.O.B. New York

Boucher Coot“COOT”


 We have demonstrated in the Coot that a 25” sloop embodying all of the essential features of the larger models can be sold at a low price. The Fin Keel hull is shaped in steel moulds insuring uniformity for class racing. She is equipped with the Boucher patented sail shifting device and, when properly balanced, will sail faster than any other boat of her size in any weather. Marconi rigged. Length overall 25”,   Beam 6 ¼”

Draft  6 ½, Weight 3 ½ lbs. Sail Area – 370 sq. in. Price complete, ready to sail, $14.50 F.O.B. New York

Boucher Coot Construction SetCOOT CONSTRUCTION SET


This construction set leaves very little for the amateur to do. Hull completely finished, with one coat of paint. Spars cut to length and only require slight tapering; sails require hemming. All rigging line, cleats, rings, etc. are furnished with clear instructions and the Boucher patented sail shifting device. Price complete boxed $12.00 F.O.B. New York

Boucher Star



This Sporty model is an exact reproduction on a scale of 1 ¼” to a foot, of the popular and able Star Class Sloops; many hundreds of which are owned and raced in all parts of the world. This model is built up of a thin white pine bottom and sides and three ply waterproof veneer deck. Equipped with Boucher patented sail shifting device by which the model may be properly balanced to hold her course. Length overall 28”Beam 7”, Draft 6”, Weight 3 ¾”, lbs.  Sail Area 404 sq. in. Price complete ready to sail, $18.50 F.O.B. New York.

Boucher Star Contruction SetSTAR CONSTRUCTION SET


 The most complete and accurate sail-boat Construction Set ever produced. It includes all material properly shaped, fittings, fully illustrated instructions, plane, sand paper, etc. and the Boucher patented sail shifting device. Price complete, $7.50 F.O.B. New York.