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Boucher Curlew“CURLEW”


Curlew is the largest of the BOUCHER fin-keel type racing models and is by far the most graceful Marconi rigged sloop yet produced. Her lines were adopted finally after many exacting trials against other models of the same length. Equipped with the BOUCHER patented sail shifting device. Composition hull shaped in steel moulds insures uniformity for class racing. Length over all 30”, Beam 7 ½”   Draft 8 ½”, Weight 5 lbs.  Sail area 590 sq. in. Price complete, ready to sail, $20.00 F.O.B. New York.



This construction set is designed to develop the skill of the amateur as a workman. White pine hull, sawed to exact outside dimensions and shape, with form template of hull. Deck, deck beams, keel, spars, rudder, sails, fittings, rigging and full blue prints for assembling. To aid the craftsman the hull-block is glued with a waterproof glue in which charcoal has been mixed so that a black line is always clearly shown for the exact center and water line-this insures the building of a perfectly balanced model. Price complete, $12.00 F.O.B. New York

Boucher Eagle“EAGLE”


 The latest addition to the Boucher Sailing Models. A beautiful copy of the “offshore” fisherman type Schooner. Originating “Down East” she is the type to go to sea in fair or foul weather. The composition hull shaped from steel moulds insures perfect uniformity. She carries a well balanced rig, is fully equipped with nickel plated fittings and an automatic steering device.

Length overall 30”,     Draft 4”, Beam 7 ¼”, Weight 4 lbs. Price complete ready to sail $25.00 F.O.B. New York

Boucher Osprey“OSPREY”


Osprey is the last word in Scale Model Racing Yachts. The hull is the deep keel type designed for fast sailing in any weather. The graceful design of hull and well balanced rig make her without doubt the most beautiful and attractive model yacht ever produced. The hull is shaped in steel moulds of a patented composition that insures perfect uniformity of design. Equipped with nickel plated bronze fittings, spreader, automatic steering gear, and the Boucher patented sail shifting device by which the boat may be balanced to hold her course. An ideal One-Design Class Racing Model which has nothing in common with the usual toy store boat. Length overall 36”Beam 7 ¾”, Draft 6 7/8”, Weight 10 ½”     Sail Area 800 sq. in. Price complete ready to sail, $40.00 F.O.B. New York


The last few years have been marked by rapid and widely spreading interest in Power Boating throughout the country and by many improvements in the design and equipment of these maritime Prodigies.

These changes are faithfully reflected in BOUCHER Model Power Boats by “up to the minute” refinements including windshields, Deck Vents, Concealed Boilers, etc., and such important innovations as the “OUTBOARD MOTOR”, both in the finished boats and construction sets. BOUCHER Model Power Boats look right and run right—they are engined and motored scientifically. Boucher Gee Whiz



This wonderful little single seat run-about exact copy of the big ones, with special spring motor, Will run over three minutes.Length overall 18”.    Beam  5 ½”. Price complete, ready to run, $9.50 F.O.B. New York

Boucher Whiz“GEE WHIZ”

An exact model of the large race-abouts. Has two cockpits and seats. Powered with the strudy Boucher patented Spring Motor, under center hood, will drive the boat at three miles per hour for about five minutes. Length overall 24”. Beam 6”. Price complete, ready to run, $14.50 F.O.B. New York

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