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Dent Paper Cap Pistols Villa 468"Villa" Paper Cap Pistol


No. 468, Finish: Nickel-plated, Length 4 3/4".

Dent Paper Cap Pistols Big Chief 472

"Big Chief" Paper Cap Pistol


No. 472, Finish: Nickel-plated, Length 3 1/2"


No. 472x Name: Big Chief", plain casting, no finish, same size and packing as number 472.

Dent Paper Cap Pistols Snappy 474 474 BH

"Snappy" Paper Cap Pistol


No. 474, Nickel-plated and buff finish, Length 5 1/2".

No. 474 BH, with black handle, same size and number 474. Name: Snappy, Length 5 1/2.

Dent Paper Cap Pistols Buster 475

"Buster" Paper Cap Pistol


No. 475, Finish: Nickel-plated buff finish, Length 5".

This Pistol is made to shoot any size Cap including Super Mammoth Caps.

Dent Paper Cap Pistols Buddy 476

"Buddy" Paper Cap Pistol


No. 476, Nickel-plated and buff finish. This Pistol is made to shoot any size Cap including Super Mammoth Caps. Length 4 1/2".

Dent Paper Cap Pistol Chief 477

"Chief" Paper Cap Pistol


No. 477, Nickel-plated and buff finish. Length 7 1/4". The number 477 piston can be furnished with or without paper caps.

All the above pistols shoot any size cap including the Super Mammoth Cap.

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