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Dent Anchors 1 2Anchors


Both sizes of Anchors are furnished coppered and bright nickel-plated finish.

Dent Key PuzzlesKey Puzzles


These Key Puzzles are furnished plain iron, coppered and nickel-plated finish.

Size: 2 3/4".

Dent Toonerville Trolley 50Toonerville Trolley


This is a reproduction of the Celebrated Toonerville Trolley originated by Fontaine Fox. Finished in bright red and green colors, handsomely decorated in orange and bronze. Furnished with skipper. Runs on eccentric wheels. A brand new iron toy, packed in an attractive lithographed box.

No. 50, Height 5 3/4", Length 4 3/4".

Dent Stop and Save Bank 288Stop and Save Bank


Finished in bright colors, assorted in a box, gilt trimmings.


No. 288, Height 5 3/4", Width 2 1/2.

Dent Iron Jack Stones 1 2 3Iron-Jack-Stones


All sizes Jack Stones can be furnished coppered and nickel-plated. the number 2 size is also furnished in colored lacquers. The regular assortment being one-third red one-third blue and one-third nickel-plated finish.

Dent Air Mail Bank 298Air Mail Bank


A real up-to-date Air Mail Bank painted in bright red with blue and white trimmings.

No. 298, Height 6 1/4", Width 2 3/4"