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Arcade Cast Iron Toy Wagons

Arcade Panama Dump Wagon No. 2

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Arcade Toy McCormick-Deering Weber WagonToy McCormick-Deering Weber Wagon


The miniature model of the McCormick-Deering Weber Wagon with horses attached, embodies many new toy features sure to appeal. The wagon seat and box are removable and the gear has a swivel reach coupling and fifth wheel, an exact duplication of the big Weber Wagon. Running gear may be lengthened or shortened as desired. The wagon is attractively finished in a deep green, with red wheels and gear. The lettering on the wagon box is gold bronze, and the horses are painted jet black, with gold harness. Length overall, including horses, is 12 1/8 inches. The wagon alone is 6 1/4 inches long and 3 1/2 inches high. The width of the wagon box is 2 inches and including wheels and axles it is 3 5/8 inches wide. The horses are 4 1/8 inches high. Wagon and horses can be supplied as a complete unit, or each may be ordered separately.

Weber Wagon—Toy. No. 404-1, with horses. Weber Wagon—Toy No. 404-2, without horses. Horses for Weber Wagon—Toy No. 404-5.

Arcade Chester Gump in his Pony CartChester Gump in his Pony Cart


Gorgeously painted in nine brilliant colors—just as he appears in the Sunday comic papers. A perfect cast iron reproduction of Sidney Smith's famous cartoon character. He's out to give his famous daddy some close competition for leading sales record. No clock work to get out of order—no "Daddy Fix." This toy is sturdily built of cast iron to stand rough treatment. Weight, each, about 2 lbs., gross weight per case 86 lbs. Length 7 1/2 inches.

Arcade Panama Dump Wagon No. 1Panama Dump Wagon

No. 1  

The Panama is modeled after the dump wagons used by contractors. The load is dumped by pulling a lever at the right of the driver's seat. It is sturdily made of grey iron and finished in attractive enamels. Always a good seller. Length 12 3/4 inches. A nickeled pick and shovel packed with each wagon.

Arcade Panama Dump Wagon No. 2Panama Dump Wagon

No. 2  

This toy has the same wagon as the No. 1 above, but it is drawn by two handsome horses. A constant favorite with children. Extreme length 14 1/4 inches. Packed with a pick and shovel, nickeled.

Arcade Auto Dump WagonAuto Dump Wagon


The modern play sand pile demands a motor dump wagon to perform really efficient for its youthful owner. The Arcade Auto Dump Wagon fills this demand. It is strong and beautifully finished in crimson and gold. A pull of the lever and the load is quickly dumped; a reverse pull and the hopper is locked back in place. A better toy for the price could hardly be imagined. Size: 7 x 2 3/4 x 4 3/4 inches.

Arcade Toy Hansom CabToy Hansom Cab  

A popular toy. It is beautifully designed as shown in the illustration. The bright colored enamels with which it is decorated furnish another strong selling point. Altogether it is a very attractive plaything. Extreme length 13 1/2 inches. Extreme height 6 1/2 inches

Arcade Toy Ice WagonToy Ice Wagon

Hot summer days and the ice wagon has an especial attraction for children. What kiddie would not want an Arcade Toy Ice Wagon of his own? It is enameled a bright crimson and striped with gold. The horses are black trimmed in gold. This toy is made of very heavy castings and will stand rough handling. Every dealer should carry a large stock of these as they are one of the largest sellers we have. Extreme length 11 3/4 inches. Extreme height 5 inches.

Arcade Toy Wagons