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Arcade Cast Iron Toy Trucks

Arcade Toy Chevrolet Line Utility Truck

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Arcade Mack Tank TruckMack Tank Truck


There’s something instantly appealing about the reality of the Mack Tank Truck. Strength and beauty, combined with thoroughness of detail, give this toy an individuality all its own. Each part is so carefully designed, that even the lustrous coat of blue, red or gray with its gold striping, cannot surpass its construction. Each truck is supplied with an experienced nickeled driver.

DIMENSIONS Length, 13 1/4 in., Height 4 7/8 in., Width 4 1/2 in. No. 11  Blue. No. 110 Blue with rubber tires. No. 22 Gray. No. 220 Gray with rubber tires. No. 33 Red. No. 330 Red with rubber tires.

Arcade Toy Mack Fire Apparatus TruckMack Fire Truck


The toy Mack Fire Truck is sturdily built of cast iron and attractively finished in bright red enamel. The ladders, lan­terns and tank are finished in gold bronze. The ladder sup­ports, hose reel and driver are nickel plated and the tool boxes are trimmed in gilt and black enamel. A fire bell beneath the truck rings when the car is in motion. Ladders are removable and can be extended to any height desired. The imitation fire hose unwinds from the reel and there is a compartment be­neath the rear of the truck for extra equipment.

Length 21 inches, width 4 1/4 inches, height 4 inches. Furnished with metal tires; or real rubber tires at small ad­ditional cost.  Mack Fire Truck—Toy No. 242R with metal tires.

Arcade Ford Weaver WreckerFord Weaver Wrecker


With a Ford Weaver Wrecker, children's miniature toy accidents instead of being a catastrophe, will be a source of amusement. The Crane is securely fastened to a No. 1 Ford Ton Truck and may be removed at will by loosening a single bolt. Chain drawn on drum by a crank and held in place with a ratchet. It is easy for the children to lift small miniature toys with this hoisting apparatus and haul them away. It is 11 inches long; 6 inches high; 2 1/2 inches wide. Equipped with rubber tires at a small additional expense. Furnished with a bright red body and a green crane.

Arcade Toy Chevrolet Line Utility TruckUtility Express Truck


A popular solution to toy trucking problems. Finish : Frame and chassis, black enamel, stake body grey and tires white.