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Arcade Cast Iron Toy Scales

Arcade Toy Scale No. 3

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Arcade Toy Scale No. 1Toy Scale No. 1


An attractive toy at a moderate price. Children love to play store with it and weigh out merchandise. The scoop is bright tin. The base is red enamel and the scale bar is nickeled. Height 3 inches, total lenght 5 1/2 inches.

Arcade Toy Scale No. 2Toy Scale No. 2


This is a great bargain. Made entirely of cast iron. Though a very low priced toy scale, it balances well and is very attractive. The scale bar and scoop are nickeled. The base and sliding weight are Berlin bronze. Length 4 3/4 inches, height 2 inches.

Arcade Toy Scale No. 3Toy Scale No. 3


A beautiful toy scales - the nearest approach to the real thing on the toy market. It balances perfectly and in addition to the sliding weight it has 3 sizes of stationary weights. It is just the thing for the young store keeper who wishes to give all customers accurate weight in his play store. The design is good, especially the fine appearing, suspended hopper. The standard is finished in crimson enamel. The hopper is bright tin while the scale beam is nickeled. Extreme length 7 inches. Height 4 1/4 inches. We recommend it as one of the best sellers in our entire line.