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Arcade Cast Iron Toy Doll House Furniture

Arcade Crane Corner Bath

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Arcade Toy Ironing BoardToy Ironing Boards

These large sized ironing boards are especially useful to children, since they may actually be used for ironing. They are made of high grade lumber and may be folded up the same as a real board. The surface is well sandpapered and is wider at one end than the other. It will please the children to have an ironing board like mother’s. No. 654. Length 30 inches, height 16 ½ inches, No. 655. length 36 inches, height 18 ½ inches

Arcade Leonard RefrigeratorThe Leonard Refrigerator


The Toy Leonard Refrigerator has proven a saleable model. It is sturdily constructed of cast iron and finished in a white hard lacquer trimmed in gray. There are three compartments all with doors that open.

The refrigerator is just the thing for the doll house as part of the kitchen, or it may be used as a model displayed in  show cases and windows. It stands 5 3/4 inches high, having a width of 4 1/4 inches and depth of 2 3/8 inches.

Arcade Gurney RefrigeratorNo. 605 Gurney Refrigerator


Attractively finished in white lacquer and sturdily constructed, the miniature Gurney Refrigerator is truly and appealing toy. The small doors open and close, and a cake of imitation ice (glass) may be found in the ice chest. It is 5 3/4 inches high, 4 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches deep.

Arcade Toy Bathroom SetToy Bathroom Set


A new completely equipped bathroom set. Just another room for that miniature apartment the kiddies are building. It is composed of a beautiful white lacquered corner bath tub, pedestal lavatory, bath stool, closet and a shower.

The attractive colored background is decorated to represent a modern bathroom even to the inserted recess for the shower. (This background is constructed to correspond with the kitchen set). The room is 11 x 10 1/2 with a wall 10 inches high.

Arcade Crane Bath StoolCrane Bath Stool


The Bath Stool is another convenient toy that may be used in the toy kitchen as well as the bathroom. It is finished in white lacquer; stands 1 7/8 inches high with a seat diameter of 1 1/4 inches.

Arcade Crane ClosetCrane Closet


The Closet, an exact toy reproduction finished in white lacquer, with hinged seat and lid. It will be easy to add this to the children's collection of toys. Height 2 inches, with lid raised, 3 1/2 inches.

Arcade Crane Corner BathCrane Corner Bath


Another good seller! Our white lacquered toy corner bath tub with nickel plated faucets. Furnished with set or ordered separately. it is 6 inches long; 3 1/8 inches wide; and 1 3/4 inches high.

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