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Arcade Cast Iron Toy Games

Arcade Game of Artillery

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Arcade Roll A Ball GameROLL-A-BALL


A new toy that compels and holds the interest of both young and old. In operation, the bright steel balls are elevated to the top of the game by the block carrier, and allowed to roll merrily down the diagonal slides. The average child is fascinated by the rolling silvery spheres and tries to keep them continuously in motion. Older people are diverted equally with the younger folk. The bottom slide has a magazine which holds the balls from spilling out. A patent trigger closes the end of the magazine until the balls are to be started again on their journey. The carrier is adjustable to one, two, or three balls. This toy is finished red enamel, making a fine appearance with the bright balls. Twelve of these are furnished with each game.

Arcade Jackstones GameJackstones

Our Jackstones are perfect, machine made castings. We finish them attractively and pack them carefully in strong paper cartons securely taped.

For our nickeled Jackstones, we have developed a new process which insures a brilliant silvery finish. This bright nickel plate is a strong protection against rust and makes the Jackstones sell on sight. Finish: Copper Plate (stock finish). Nickel Plate.

Arcade Jack SetsJack Set No. 15

A new set which fills all the requirements of a first-class, ten cent item. It includes ten nickel plated jackstones and an extra large, lively rubber ball. These sets are packed in bags of assorted colors red, white and blue so that they present a very attractive appearance. The bags are made with a double draw string and will not open up inadvertently.  Jack Sets No 5 & 10 - We pack five or ten nickel plated jackstones and a 7/8 inch lively rubber ball in a decorated bag. Bag has a double draw string. Always a strong seller. No. 5 has five jacks in a bag. No. 10 has ten jacks in a bag.

Arcade Bowling Alley GameBowling Alley Game


A superior Bowling Alley Game that is in a class by itself. It makes a big hit not only with children but also with grownups, because it is identical in rules and methods of play to the real game. Each player shoots two balls from the gun at the of the board. Spares and strikes are counted in the same manner as the real game. At the pin end of the board is a steel curtain pivoted at the top in a manner that holds the balls after they have been shot. The gun is strongly made and will stand hard use. it can be moved to any position and permits the player to become expert in getting strikes and spares.

No. 1 Bowling Alley: Board is 40 inches long and 7 1/2 inches wide. It is strongly made of first-class hardwood and is attractively finished with high grade varnish. The complete game is packed in a strong box and the entire outfit is built to give years of service. No. 2 Bowling Alley: Similar to the No. 1 Alley excepting in size and details in finish. Game is played exactly the same on both alleys. Measurements-29 1/2 inches long and 6 3/4 inches wide.

SCORE PAD WITH EACH ALLEY - A gummed score pad with cardboard back and 25 blank score sheets is included in the carton with each No. 1 and No. 2 Bowling alley.

Arcade Game of Siege GunGame of Siege Gun


A fascinating game for the whole family. It requires considerable skill and is highly entertaining for people of all ages. At each end of the of the 26-inch board is fastened a Siege Fun which is discharged by pulling back a spring lever until you secure the tension you think will land the Shell in the Trench, which is at the summit of the hill. After practice, this can be determined to a nicety. In the Trench are divisions numbered 5, 25, and 100, and you score according to the division into which your Shell falls. If your Shell goes over or falls short of the Trench, you lose your turn and your opponent shoots until he misses. The first player securing exactly 500 points wins. If the player exceeds 500, he must start all over again, but does not lose his turn and may continue shooting. Siege Gun is made of the finest grade of wood, beautifully finished. It will last for years. Each is packed complete in a box with a set of rules for playing.

Arcade Game of ArtilleryGame of Artillery


Both skill and entertainment are combined in this novel game. It is very fascinating to play.

The howitzers at each end of the board may be aimed to strike the desired figure. The figures fall back when hit and are reset by operating a small lever at the end of the board. Each player shoots four shells. The one knocking down the most figures wins the game. The board is made of the finest selected hardwood carefully finished; the men and guns are nickeled. The game is 29 inches long and 6 3/4 inches wide. It is strong and durable and will give amusement for many years to both young and old. Each Artillery Game is packed in a box containing all the parts and full instruction for playing.

Arcade Game of RifleGame of Rifle Range


A game which is always entertaining. As shown in the illustration, the gun is aimed at three images at one end of the wedge shaped board. These images are pivoted so that they will drop when struck by a marble from the gun. The gun may be moved in different directions to sight the desired target. After practice in aiming, one may become quite an expert at this game.

In playing the game each player is entitled to three shots. The player scoring one hit in three shots makes 5; two hits in three shots 25; three hits in three shots 50. The first player reaching a score of 125 is the winner. The figures must not be set up until three shots have been made.

The board is made of clear hardwood stained and finished attractively. The images are sturdily made from iron, nicely nickeled. The gun is fool-proof and practically indestructible. The whole game will last for years. Extreme length 25 inches.