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Arcade Cast Iron Toy Animal Banks

Arcade Lion Bank

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Arcade Horse Bank No. 1Horse Bank 

No. 1 

A very attractive bank. An active design which will catch a child's attention. It is sturdily made of cast iron and will stand hard knocks. Dimensions 4 1/4 x 4 3/4 inches. Finished in gold bronze.

Arcade Horse Bank No. 2Horse Bank 

No. 2 

A bank which makes a big hit with children. Black Beauty is always popular and this bank especially because of its handsome appearance. Like our other animal banks, the money may be removed by taking out a machine screw. Size 5 x 4 1/4 inches. Finished in black, satin enamel, trimmed  and lettered in gold.

Arcade Horse Bank No. 3Horse Bank

No. 3

A very life-like bank of striking appearance. It is strong and heavy with a large coin capacity. Sure to fascinate children. Size 7 1/4 x 6 3/4 inches. Finished in gold bronze. 

Arcade Horse Bank No. 4Horse Bank

No. 4

Combines a horse, a boy, a dog, a horseshoe, and a bank - five things every child delights in. Size 4 1/16 x 5 inches. The horse is black trimmed in gold; the rest of the toy is gold bronze.

Arcade Donkey BankDonkey Bank

In this bank we have sought to bring out the well-known characteristics of this patient animal that are the delight of all children. It is heavily made and like its full size model, will stand all sorts of grief. Finished in gold bronze. Size 4 1/2 inches high; 4 1/2 inches long.

Arcade Reindeer BankReindeer Bank

A reindeer is always coupled in a child's mind with Santa Claus and all the other delights of Christmas. Hence this life-like and graceful bank is sure to make a quick appeal to the average child. Always an item of large value. Height 6 1/4 inches; length 3 3/4 inches. Beautifully finished in gold bronze.

Arcade Lion BankLion Bank

An excellent model of the King of Beasts that appeals strongly to children in every way. It is large size and heavily made and has won great popularity. Finished in brilliant gold lacquer. Extreme length 5 inches; extreme height 4 3/4 inches. 

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RARE 1929-30 ARCADE CAST IRON PACKARD 4 DOOR SEDAN CAR, THIS MAY BE A 1920'S BUICK, Vintage Arcade Cast Iron Ford/Fordson Farm Toy Tractor, Old ARCADE CAST IRON TRACTOR W/DRIVER 273 R, 1932 ARCADE cast iron toy catalog, Arcade FORDSON Ford cast Iron Original TRACTOR TOY, Antique Cast Iron Car Toy Ref Book Arcade Hubley Kenton, Arcade Hubley Original cast iron truck driver NR, 1471: Antique Cast Iron Arcade Toy Tractor, cast iron tractor (arcade), cast iron tractor (arcade), cast iron tractor driver (arcade), ARCADE THE MONOCOUPE CAST IRON TOY AIRPLANE LOT MINTY, Cast Iron Car,4 bags Arcade marbles w shooter brand cast iron toys, 3 Bags marbles w shooter Arcade brand cast iron toys co, Antique Red Cast Iron 1920's Arcade Tow Truck Wrecker, Antique Blue Cast Iron 1920's Arcade Ice Truck, Antique cast Iron Arcade 24-1/2" Car Hauler and cars, 1920's Arcade Cast Iron Ford Model T Wrecker, Cast Iron Yellow Cab Stamped ARCADE Flawed piece Rare, Arcade Cast Iron Adjustable Nutcracker. 9.5 inches long, Arcade Cast Iron Stake Bed Truck No.

219 Parts Repair, ARCADE CAST IRON FAGEOL SAFETY COACH # 38, CAST IRON VEHICLE ARCADE, ANTIQUE CAST IRON TOY WHEEL BUGGY TRUCK WAGON ARCADE, ARCADE CAST IRON TRACTOR ALL ORIGINAL LOOK, VINTAGE CAST IRON BLUE - ARCADE BUS - MINT, A.C. WILLIAMS ARCADE CAST IRON DUMP TRUCK FRONT 4" MINT, RARE 1929-30 ARCADE CAST IRON PACKARD 4 DOOR SEDAN CAR, THIS MAY BE A 1920'S BUICK, Vintage Cast Iron Football Kicker Arcade Hubley, Cast Iron Arcade Oliver 70 I think been Repainted too, Arcade Cast Iron McCormick Deering Threshing Machine, 4 repro solid wheels large arcade cast iron vehicle, Reproduction driver for large arcade cast iron vehicles, Arcade Cast Iron Painted Doll House Pot Bellied Stove, Antique old Arcade Cast Iron toy Washing Machine, 5" CAST IRON ARCADE MODEL T COUPE ORIGINAL PAINT, Old Cast Iron Driving Figure Hubley Arcade, WONDERFUL Antique Cast Iron Arcade Horse, Vintage Cast Iron Wagon Bed - Arcade, 2 Vintage ARCADE TOY Garden TOOLS- Rake & Hoe-Cast Iron, Arcade Tractor Cast Iron tractor to restore, Antique Vintage Arcade? Cast Iron Toy Driver Original, Old Original Cast Iron Toy Wheels Parts Arcade or Other, 9 Antique Cast Iron Spoke Wheels Arcade Dent Kenton NR, VINTAGE CAST IRON CAR-HUBLEY-ARCADE, Antique Arcade Cast Iron Toy Wrecker Tow Truck Parts, Arcade Cast Iron 2977 Transport & 4 vehicles old toy, Antique Cast Iron Arcade International old Dump Truck, Antique Cast Iron Arcade Plymouth stake truck 4-3/4", Arcade Cast Iron Andy Gump NO. 348 Roadster, 1920's 4 1/2" Arcade Cast Iron Gas Pump NR, 1920's 6" Cast Iron Coupe w Rumble Seat Toy Car NR,

1929 ARCADE CAST IRON TOY DOLL FURNITURE CRANE TOILET, 1930's 6 5/8 " Painted & Nickel Plated Cast Iron Car, 1930's Arcade Cast Iron Ice Truck NR, 1932 ARCADE CAST IRON TOY BLACK BEAUTY HORSE FARM BANK, 1988 NOBLE HOUSE AUTHENTIC REPRODUCTION COLOR PICS, 3 Bags marbles w shooter Arcade brand cast iron toys co, 3138: Arcade Cast Iron Ford Coupe 5", #116, Good Condi, 3191: Arcade Cast Iron Ford Stake Truck, #219L, Excelle, 3198: Arcade Cast Iron Ford Fordor Sedan, 5", Very Good, 4 bags Arcade marbles w shooter brand cast iron toys, 8.5 inch Cast Iron Toy Fire Truck Hubley or Arcade, Antique Arcade Mfg. Co. Cast Iron Bus 1930s, Antique Cast Iron Arcade 1939 Worlds Fair Tractor tow, ANTIQUE CAST IRON TOY TOOLS HUBLEY ARCADE

BUDDY KENTON, Antique Cast Iron Yellow Cab Arcade Toy co. 5" SHARP, Arcade Cast Iron 5" Ford Sedan Car for restoration, ARCADE CAST IRON CAR FREEPORT ILLINOIS, Arcade Cast Iron Coast To Coast Greyhound Bus, Arcade Cast Iron Ford Model A 5" Wrecker Truck Nice NR, Arcade Cast Iron Large Stop & Go Sign Super Nice NR, ARCADE CAST IRON MODEL T TRUCK ORIGINAL FREEPORT ILL, Arcade Cast Iron Reo Coupe All Original Very Nice NR, Arcade Cast Iron Toy Bedroom Dresser & Chair c. 1928, Arcade Cast Iron Toy Doll House Karpen Sofa c. 1929, ARCADE CAST IRON TOY HOLSTEIN COW FARM BANK RARE, ARCADE CAST IRON TOYS 1927 REPRODUCTION CATALOGUE RARE, Arcade cast iron tractor toy, ARCADE DOLL HOUSE Cast Iron BATH TUB ARCADE/CRANE, ARCADE DOLL HOUSE Cast Iron KITCHEN TABLE TWO CHAIRS, ARCADE DOLL HOUSE Cast Iron TOILET marked CRANE/ ARCADE, ARCADE DOLL HOUSE CHAIR BENCH Iron, CAST IRON ARCADE 12" SAFETY COACH W/ DRIVER, Cast Iron Arcade Sign "Police Dept " "Don't Park Here", Cast Iron Toy Arcade Two Blade Tractor Plow, Cast Iron Toy Driver Kenton Hubley Arcade, Cast Iron Toy Railroad Automobile Kenton Hubley Arcade, Cast Iron Toy Tiger Lion Kenton Hubley Arcade, Cast Iron Yellow Cab Signed Arcade - No Reserve, Diecast Arcade Cast Iron Replica 6 1/2" Ford 9N Tractor,

EXTREMELY RARE ORIGINAL TOY CATALOG , HUBLEY ARCADE CAST IRON FIRE LADDER TRUCK 3 1/2" MINT, HUBLEY ARCADE CAST IRON FUTURISTIC CAR 3 1/2" A BEAUTY!, ORIGINAL 1930'S-40'S ARCADE RED CAST IRON TOW TRUCK, Original Arcade Cast Iron Dump Truck, ORIGINAL ARCADE CAST IRON TOYS 1940 WORLDS FAIR CATALOG, Original Cast Iron Arcade Farmer Tractor Driver, Original Cast Iron Arcade Truck Tractor Driver, Vintage Arcade Cast Iron Ford Model T Touring Car, VINTAGE ARCADE CAST IRON STILL BANK "BEAUTY" HORSE, Vintage Cast Iron Arcade Wrecker Truck